Maid Brigade’s Green Cleaning System Certification

Maid Brigade’s Green Clean Certified™ system uses cleaning solutions certified by Green Seal, Inc. Its equipment and processes follow many Green Seal standards for cleaning services. In addition, each franchisee must receive certification from Maid Brigade after being trained to use the green cleaning system.

Maid Brigade uses cleaning solutions that are Green Seal Certified.

Green Seal is a non-profit organization devoted to environmental standard setting, product certification and public education. Green Seal offers certification to all products covered by its Standards. Manufacturers may submit their products for evaluation by Green Seal. Those which comply with Green Seal’s requirements may be authorized to use the Green Seal Certification Mark on products and in product advertising. Manufacturers authorized to use the Green Seal Certification Mark on their product are subject to an ongoing program of testing, inspection and enforcement. The green cleaning solutions used by Maid Brigade are manufactured by companies, including Betco®, and carry the official Green Seal. In the advance of an established government or third party green cleaning standard for the residential cleaning industry, Maid Brigade has patterned its system on Green Seal’s standard for the commercial cleaning industry wherever applicable. For additional information on Green Seal.

The vacuums used by Maid Brigade are certified through the Green Label Program.
Maid Brigade uses the ProTeam® Four Level Filtration backpack, canister vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is certified through the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Program for meeting stringent standards for soil removal, dust containment and carpet appearance retention. It also removes 99.9 percent of particles measuring one micron and larger, including dust mites, mold, pet dander and pollen, eliminating many allergens and irritants that may trigger asthma symptoms. Also, ProTeam has partnered with the American Lung Association to increase awareness of the importance of clean indoor air.

Maid Brigade uses allergy-free and anti-bacterial cloths and mops.

Maid Brigade’s exclusive Green Clean Certified system uses microfiber cloths that are made from a scientific weave of polyester and polyamide to provide a lint-free, multi-surface cleaning. These allergy-free and anti-bacterial cloths act as millions of scrub brushes to remove germs, grease,lime and other dirt without damaging the surface being cleaned. Because they last longer than cotton cloths or paper products, microfiber cloths are more eco-friendly than their traditional counterparts.

The microfiber technology is also used in Maid Brigade’s floor mops. Using the same technology as the cleaning cloths, the microfiber pads ensure a clean surface, removing germs, dirt and grime. The dry mop is used to remove dust and dry dirt, while the wet mop removes scuffs or marks from floors.

Franchisees and employees also undergo a Maid Brigade green certification process.

Before Maid Brigade franchisees can implement the Green Clean Certified system, they must complete extensive training on how to use the solutions, microfiber products and the cleaning process. They must complete three separate training modules on Green Cleaning and then pass tests on this material. Once that is completed, they train their cleaning teams with classroom sessions and practical sessions in customers’ homes. The teams must also pass tests and their in-home training cleanings are evaluated by franchise management to ensure proper implementation. Once all parts of the training have been passed, the franchisees receive their Maid Brigade certification and can begin using the Green Clean Certified system.

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